Achievement v Behaviour Flags

ACHIEVEMENTS: In school we use an electronic achievement system. Your child can achieve an achievement point for any of the following: excellent effort, outstanding work, musical achievement, merit certificate, visitors praise, homework, good manners, participating well during an educational visit, arts achievement, sports achievement, superb behaviour. The flag is automatically added to their formal school record.

BEHAVIOUR: In addition, to maintain high expectations for behaviour a similar process is now in place. If your child does not follow school rules they will receive a behaviour point. For example: damage to school, defiance, disruptive behaviour, fighting, persistent homework failure, inadequate work, swearing, verbal or physical abuse. This alerts all senior leaders and they intervene. The flag is automatically added to their formal school record. Parents will be notified through a referral or telephone call. If your child chooses to not meet our school mission statement, we will address this following the school’s behaviour policy.

Your child’s formal school record is shared with their allocated secondary school. I look forward to sharing and celebrating many achievement flags!

Mr Winters