Curriculum Overview

Our aim at Gossey Lane Academy is to ensure that we are offering a broad, rich and balanced curriculum; that offers a range of engaging and exciting learning opportunities, which in turn will enable our children to become successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens!

We believe  our ‘Rainbow Curriculum” enables the teachers to plan and deliver engaging activities; in turn allowing children to make clear links within their learning and the opportunity to apply skills across the curriculum and giving their learning purpose!

Our creative approach to learning provides opportunities for children to make choices, take risks, take responsibility for their own learning, learn in a variety of ways and to make links across their learning where possible.

In EYFS children learn through a combination of child led and adult initiated activities. The learning environments (both indoors and outdoors) are structured so as to enhance learning across all the areas of learning. Daily sessions of phonics, letter formation and number work are taught, as well as child initiated activities and teacher led activities through topic based work.

Phonics: Throughout Key Stage 1 children develop their reading skills with daily phonics lessons in accordance with their specific needs. We teach phonics using the Read, Write Inc approach. (See our separate policy for details)

Writing: Writing is taught daily using the Talk 4 Writing approach, with further opportunities for writing at length being provided through subjects such as RE, Science and Learning Journey. Whenever possible, children are given an opportunity to write for a real life purpose.

Reading: Reading is taught daily using the Resilient Reader approach, which helps to develop the children’s comprehension, inference and prediction skills as well as broadening their vocabulary.

Maths: Children learn through the Singapore approach to mastery in mathematics, using the five-part model. Further opportunities for enrichment of mathematics is developed through subjects such as ICT, Science and Learning Journey. The children also engage in arithmetic sessions and times table practice during incidental periods.

Learning Journey is a fun, engaging, personalised, skills based curriculum tailored to the needs of the children at Gossey Lane Academy. Changing on a half termly basis, it revolves around a specific curriculum area or topic. Each topic begins with a Sensational Starter, and includes a Marvellous Middle and Fantastic Finale to sustain the children’s engagement.  These might include a day trip out, dress up day or a visitor to the school. These essential components of the Learning Journey are incorporated  so as to maximise learning opportunities and to provide real life experiences for the children within the local and wider community.

Our Rainbow Curriculum is also underpinned by our Gossey Life skills.

PE is taught in all year groups once a week, led by Central Coaching.

RE is taught in accordance with the Birmingham Agreed Syllabus through the RE Discover scheme.

For PSHE we follow the JIGSAW programme which works in synergy with the RE scheme.  We also have a whole school focus on VALUES education.

ICT and Science (Science Bug) are taught discretely with opportunities for cross curricular learning through English, Maths and My Learning Journey.

Children in Key Stage 2 learn French using our new scheme, Le Jolie Ronde.

Whole school assemblies are held to celebrate the children’s attendance and achievements. Class assemblies focus on religious days and festivals, PSHE and VALUES education. Children will also discuss local, national and global issues in the news.

Curriculum Overview

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Reception Once Upon a Time Winter Wonderland Superheroes Celebrations Under the Sea Blast Off
Year 1 & 2 Old MacDonald Ready Set Go! Off We Go! Florence Nightingale Pirate Adventure Seaside Rescue
Year 3 & 4 It’s All Greek to Me Where in the World? Hail Caesar Changing States Vicious Vikings Habitats
Year 5 & 6 Why War? We are Not Amused! What a Disaster Out of Africa Who’s Right? Capital Chaos

For my details please refer to our Curriculum Policy 2017- 18