Curriculum Trips


Within the classroom, we aim to provide every child, with the knowledge and skills that they will need throughout life.  Of course, here at Gossey Lane Academy, we also believe that children can gain a wealth of understanding and knowledge – as well as having a great time – by taking part in events and trips that take place further afield.

We have attempted to provide all year groups with a range of informative and exciting learning opportunities which can be seen below. Events will be added throughout the year and some events may be subject to change. Specific dates are shared with parents via Curriculum Newsletters and letters on Parent Pay.

We are certain that your child will thoroughly enjoy taking part!

Check out the trips and events we carry out throughout the year to enrich and engage our children within the curriculum.

Gossey Lane Rainbow Curriculum

Spring 2020 onwards

Trips and visitors planned to support the Curriculum.

Date Trip or Visitor Year group
21st Jan 2020 Professor McGinty drama presentation


Ancient Greece





22nd Jan 2020 Warwick Castle Y1


23rd Jan 2020 Cadbury World Y4


11th Feb 2020 Holdenby House Y6


24th Feb 2020


26 th Feb 2020

Botanical Gardens


Birmingham Airport




11th March 2020 Birmingham Buddihist Centre Y4


17th March 2020 Guru Nanark Sikh Temple Y5


3rd June 2020 Birmingham Central Mosque Y6


List is updated regularly.