Homework Update

Children in Years 1-6 will all receive homework to be recorded in their English and Maths homework books.

Homework will be given out on a Thursday and the children need to return this on the following Monday.

In their homework books will be the new handwriting guide (as we are all using a cursive-joined up- script) and a 100 number square.

The children are expected to write the date and title. Sometimes the task may be stuck into their book other times it will be separate.

Parents, please may I ask you to support school by ensuring your child brings their homework books, spelling tub and reading book back into school.

Children in Reception will have a homework book, spelling tub and reading book to complete with their parents.

Children in Nursery will have a homework book to record tasks they complete with their parents.

If your child loses their homework books, spelling tub or reading book they will need to purchase a new one. Hopefully, the children will recognise how important it is to be responsible and look after their things- an important skill needed for secondary school.

Please remember: Homework set is designed to consolidate learning in school so their next lessons can move learning on, however, if your child finds their homework too challenging and is unsure, just let their classteacher know and the classteacher will be more than happy to re-explain the task to your child or offer advice and support to yourselves if you prefer.

Kind regards

Mrs S Amin