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Ofsted’s definition of differentiation in Mathematics.

Pupils who grasp concepts rapidly should be challenged through being offered rich and sophisticated problems before acceleration through new content.


The 5 part model.

Promoting INDEPENDENCE and PROGRESS at Gossey Lane Academy

In order to support children moving to mastery we encourage them to work through the 5 part process of learning.

Every child begins at the ‘Supporting’ step then works through the steps towards ‘Rich and Complex Tasks’.


For a detailed presentation, providing more information about each step of the 5-part-model, please click here.





Problem Solving



Gossey’s Mathematicians use RUCSAC to help them problem solve.

R Read the question. What is the important information?

U Understand the question. What do you have to find out?

C Choose the right operation(s) and method of calculation.

S Solve the problem showing your working out and making sure you follow all the steps.

A – Have you answered the question? What were you meant to find out?

C Check your answer. If possible, use the inverse to check your working out.





We have now been a Mathletics school for 2 years and the children are really enjoying the competitive ‘live’ resource.

Our children can compete online against each other, locally, nationally and even internationally with other school children!

In school we have a ‘Mathletics Hall of Fame’ that is updated monthly. The display shows the ‘top school Mathematicians’!

We also publish this information in the monthly school newsletter.

Get competing Gossey Academy Mathletics Recruits!



Mental Arithmetic




1-6 a-day

Like a healthy body needs 5 portions of fruit and vegetables, Gossey staff and children recognise a good mathematician needs a daily dose of mental arithmetic. We always start every lesson with questions to warm up our brains!




Partial Times Tables

On a weekly basis we test the children with multiplication grids and mental maths tests. Gossey children are keen to improve on their scores and standards are improving!


Singapore techniques.

The five part model still lends itself well to incorporate the Singapore techniques we used in our prior ‘Maths, No Problem’ scheme.

We still adopt the same approach in Mathematics.

We use the Singapore teaching approach to Maths from Year 1 to Year 6.  Please see links below to our policies and planning.