Our Staff 2020-2021

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Headteacher and DSL: Mrs S Amin

Associate Lead and DSL: Mrs R Chahal

Reception Staff

Class Teacher and Phase 1 Leader: Mrs L Green

Teaching Assistant: Mrs K Hammond and Miss L Styche


Year 1 Staff

Class Teacher and Curriculum Lead:  Miss S Blakeman

Teaching Assistant: Miss F Bibi


Year 2 Staff

Class Teacher, Phase 2 and English Lead: Miss K Vale

Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Miss T Hughes


Year 3 staff

Class Teacher: Mrs V Steventon

Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs L Cotterill


Year 4 staff

Class Teacher: Miss A Mahmood

Teaching Assistant: Mrs A Meredith


Year 5 staff

Class Teacher: Mr A Pawsey

Teaching Assistant: Mrs T Taylor



Year 6 staff

Class Teacher and Talk 4 Writing Lead: Miss S Douglas

Teaching Assistant: Miss L Edwards & Mrs E Billingsley


Phase 3, Maths and Behaviour Lead: Mrs A Rusby

Inclusion Leader and DSL: Miss L McGuire

 Family Support Adviser and DSL: Karen Foulkes 


Learning Mentor and DSL: Miss A Kaur

Office Manager: Ms S Roberts

Receptionist : Mrs M Thomas

Sports Coach: Mr J Loveridge

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Lunchtime supervisors

Mrs L Hiley

Mrs L Arnold 

Miss N Ismail

Mrs J Thompson

Miss M Parveen

Miss S Hammond 

Site supervisor

Miss Kathy Richardson


Miss S Hammond 

Mrs J Thompson