School Improvement Priorities


Overview of the Key SDP Priorities 2020- 2021

Leadership and Management 

  1. Standards are set at National average and above for all year groups and expectations shared.
  2. Implementation of PP action plan to diminish the attainment gap between school PP and non PP nationally
  3. Reading is developed as a strength at Gossey lane School.
  4. Leaders continue their focus on improving pedagogy particularly for new staff and NQTs
  5. Improve parent relations by building strong trust and support with the school.
  6. Gossey Lane becomes a ‘Singing School’
  7. Cross MAT working continues to be developed: Gossey Lane becomes an outward-looking school, sharing best practice with others.
  8. Safeguarding and attendance is a high priority.
  9. Pupil and Staff mental health is a high strategic priority following COVID 19 closures and associated risks.
  10. Oracy is a development project to improve learning and outcomes 2020 and beyond.


Quality of Education

1.      Quality of education at Gossey Lane is good and better through the setting and monitoring of high expectations:

a)      Combined attainment at National Key stage one and two by July 2021

b)      Greater depth attainment and progress  is at National Key Stage one and two by July 2021

c)      Less able pupils are making progress towards ARE attainment in all year groups.

d)      All SEN pupils make good progress against national for SEN students

e)      PP and disadvantaged pupils make good progress, closing gaps swiftly.

f)       Talk boost interventions improve standards for targeted pupils.

g)      Review collection of assessment data to streamline within Arbor


2)      Core and non-core curriculum continues to be developed to ensure students’ experience of learning develops students’ achievement and their personal development by strategically addressing issues caused by social inequality.


3.       Developments in pedagogy focus on appropriate challenge, oracy and reading to raise standards.

Behaviour and Attitudes

  1. Secure better outcomes by ensuring high standards of behaviour and attitudes across the school day.
  2. Ensure effective support for individual children with SEMH and behaviour issues through the work of the learning mentor
  3. Implement and monitor the new behaviour policy to support the above.
  4. Values education continues to be  developed through ASPIRE learning behaviours and continued embedding of RRSA to work towards gold award.
  5.  PA and Overall School Attendance to be more in line with national through implementing vision and strategy effectively once school resumes in the usual way

Personal Development

  1. Mitigate social disadvantage through curriculum enrichment opportunities.
  2. Safeguarding Rangers are trained and effective on school playground, their role develops in other areas
  3. Pupil leadership team developed into wider roles across school, including a focus on sustainability and oracy.
  4. Enrichment of the Rainbow curriculum is planned; to focus on British Values, SMSC, Citizenship, resilience and pupils’ physical (including diet) and mental well-being.



  1. Create a strong start for basic skills and Reading as curriculum strengths.
  2. Gossey Rainbow Curriculum is developed across Reception enabling national average attainment for GLD by June 2021
  3. Raise expectations of what children can do to National average and beyond.
  4. Ensure outdoor provision is high quality experience and provides an excellent environment for learning.
  5. Ensure effective transition into Reception post Covid 19 enforced closure.