SEND Information Report

Please click here for the Whole School’s Special Educational Needs Information report

Alternatively click on the sections below for specific information:


What are Special Educational Needs?

What should a parent do if they think their child may have special needs?

Aims of provision

How does your child’s school know if children need extra help?

How will parent’s be helped?

How will parent’s know how their child is doing?

How will school support?

How will the curriculum match each child’s need?


Specialist services and training

Support, discussions, contact and support services

Support for children’s well-being


MAT SEND policy- please click here. 

For the Birmingham Local Offer for Special Educational Needs please click on the link:

For more information and advice on your child’s specific needs please click here.

What can I expect at my local school if my child has special needs? To see map click here.

If you require further information please call 0121 303 1888

or email


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