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School Performance Tables

Each year, we are required to publish our performance data.  This shows how well our children perform in statutory tests.  It typically shows a three-year trend and identifies:

  • the percentage of pupils who’ve achieved the expected standard in reading, writing and maths.
  • the average progress that pupils have made in reading between KS1 and KS2.
  • the average progress that pupils have made in writing between KS1 and KS2.
  • the average progress that pupils have made in maths between KS1 and KS2.
  • the percentage of pupils who’ve achieved a higher standard in reading, writing and maths.
  • our pupil’s average scaled score in the reading test
  • our pupil’s average scaled score in the maths test.

Our Performance DataGossey Lane Academy Performance Tables


@gossey_lane - 19 May
What a week! This morning the butterflies have decided to start emerging! Reception is a very exciting place to be right now! https://t.co/21cUBsuwns
@gossey_lane - 17 May
We have 4 new arrivals in Reception! The children are loving looking at them and so far we have 2 names! Thank you to Castle Aquapet Centre who have been brilliant in their advice and support! https://t.co/lBaCVJyuAQ
@gossey_lane - 16 May
The caterpillars have now formed their Chrysalis and have moved into the correct habitat. Now Reception wait to see if any butterflies emerge!! https://t.co/Tk8R6VQdQH
@gossey_lane - 12 May
Measuring equivalence in year 4 📐📏 https://t.co/k1an71nfdk
@gossey_lane - 10 May
Look at Reception's outdoor area! It's really coming to life! https://t.co/T81y5iR9KQ
@gossey_lane - 5 May
Year 4 creating an interactive music history timeline! https://t.co/Lxyw62i482
@gossey_lane - 29 Apr
Good afternoon Lauren, year 4 have some questions. We wish you the best for the future. https://t.co/bcTFCq6jW8
@gossey_lane - 29 Apr
World Cup cricketer inspiring a generation at Gossey ! 🏏 https://t.co/iggJuUxZF5
@gossey_lane - 29 Apr
Reception are very excited to introduce to you our new baby caterpillars. We cannot wait to learn all about them, their life cycle, watch them grow and release them to live their new lives as butterflies! https://t.co/vFs5WUrDCB
@gossey_lane - 8 Apr
Reception have loved hunting for their Easter treat! They were so good, we will have to try harder next year to trick them! https://t.co/FhUhehHefD
@gossey_lane - 8 Apr
A big well done to Receptions Easter Bonnet winner! what a tough competition it was this year! https://t.co/LDst3u0P9P
@gossey_lane - 7 Apr
A massive well done to the Reception parents for a brilliant Easter Bonnet making afternoon! Look out for the winner tomorrow! https://t.co/6Wu14mEIi1
@gossey_lane - 7 Apr
Reception decided it was the perfect morning to fly a kite! https://t.co/XaWt0340cN
@gossey_lane - 6 Apr
Year 3’s Art Auction was simply amazing. A massive thank you to all the parents who took part both in person and on the phone! Keep you eye out for the total raised for school... Well done Year 3! https://t.co/6fCtlHcfgJ
@gossey_lane - 6 Apr
Year 1’s Art Gallery was a roaring success! it was so nice to be able to welcome the parents back with a bang. Our little Van Gogh’s have really enjoyed their art topic and shared their work beautifully. Well done Year 1! https://t.co/LNTIbxIY48
@gossey_lane - 4 Apr
Year 4 creating their own Andy Warhol inspired pieces of art. https://t.co/w6ZTMdndSd
@gossey_lane - 31 Mar
Year 4 created a mural made up of facts of Andy Warhol https://t.co/TxsYyov0ok
@gossey_lane - 31 Mar
Year 4 sketching and creating art after being inspired by artists. 🧑‍🎨 https://t.co/EwWJCWPKd9
@gossey_lane - 30 Mar
Year 2 enjoyed a very messy afternoon, mixing as many shades of green as possible🌳🪖🥑🧌🐸🦖☘️🎾🚜 https://t.co/w4XuVnTZNS
@gossey_lane - 29 Mar
Year 2 had a lovely time holding the chicks. It's been a great experience watching them hatch and grow 🐥😃 https://t.co/R0azW9aDjX