The Pioneer Cadet Awards

The Pioneer Cadet Awards is a challenging programme of resources and activities that will instil self- confidence, positivity, personal responsibility and self-discipline in children in Upper Key Stage Two (Years 5 and 6), 

As a member of the Skills Builder Partnership, Pioneer Cadets offers a unique programme that develops six core skills that underpin personal, emotional and academic development. 

Schools are provided with all materials and resources to deliver the Pioneer Cadet Awards.  Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards are each delivered over seven weeks and Cadet Leaders deliver a new challenging element each week.  Each award provides opportunities for children to:

  • engage in challenging activities;
  • develop a sense of pride and belonging;
  • acquire knowledge and develop their core skills;
  • and improve self confidence and self esteem.

By partnering with the Skills Builder Partnership, The Pioneer Cadet Awards has worked closely with the team to ensure the Skills Builder Universal Framework supports children in building their core skills.

Throughout each session, children working on cadet challenges are guided to reflect on explicit skills and how these transfer to other areas of their learning and wider life. Reflection against the framework through their Cadet Achievement Book also supports tracking progression through self-assessment and discussions with adults.

The Pioneer Cadets Programme tracks and recognises children's core skills and achievements throughout Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards allowing schools to celebrate and reward every child's success. 


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