@gossey_lane - 16 Jun
Year 3 have made some Father’s Day cards as part of their 11 before 11. Here are a few examples!
@gossey_lane - 12 May
Keep posted for more!
@gossey_lane - 12 May
Year 3 have completed 2 of their 11 before 11 acts of kindness. This afternoon they went into each classroom, tidied their library areas and emptied all the water bottles 😀
@gossey_lane - 5 May
Year 1 have worked so hard on the mural for the Kings Coronation tomorrow 👑😁
@gossey_lane - 25 Apr
Year 1 have turned their classroom into an art gallery! They have been practising their posh voices to show their parents around and evaluate their work.
@gossey_lane - 25 Apr
Year 2 are showing their parents how to create flowers using texture, form and colour. A beautiful display will be made from the flowers they create in this workshop.
@gossey_lane - 25 Apr
Today was the start of our Art sharing events. A chance for the children to show friends and family the wonderful art work they do at school. here are Year 3 in full Art Auction flow.
@gossey_lane - 21 Apr
8 chicks are settling into their new home. 🐥🐣
@gossey_lane - 17 Apr
The chicks have arrived at Gossey Lane!
@gossey_lane - 29 Mar
Thank you for our food boxes Our parents are very thankful.
@gossey_lane - 29 Mar
Year 1 have been learning about motifs in art. We used materials to create weather symbols. Check out our creations!
@gossey_lane - 17 Mar
Year 1 dressed in red for Red Nose Day 🔴
@gossey_lane - 16 Feb
A huge thank you to for your generous donations of food parcels for some of our families.
@gossey_lane - 16 Feb
We would like to say thank you for the food parcels so generously donated to some of our families at Gossey Lane!
@gossey_lane - 30 Jan
Great Oracy Exhibition at Gossey Lane - Reception using oracy skills in maths, Y2 performing in role and Y6 making and evaluating presentations
@gossey_lane - 28 Nov
In May, Reception welcomed some new arrivals to our school pond. The fish clearly settled in very well as we have discovered a new addition. Welcome to the world baby fish!
@gossey_lane - 13 Nov
Year 2 have had an exciting week - learning new songs for our nativity play 🎶, a trip to the cinema 🎥🍿 and an exciting bug hunt 🐜🐛🪱 Next week - Odd Socks day 🧦 for Anti- bullying week, our new history topic 🔥 and Children in Need day 🐻🟡🔵🟠🟢🔴🟣
@gossey_lane - 9 Nov
Today Year 1 and Year 2 enjoyed a trip to cinema to see Sing 2. We had a fabulous morning 😁
@gossey_lane - 4 Nov
Today we planted trees in our new allotment area. Hopefully when they have grown a little, we can transplant them around the field. Thank you to our Gossey -Gardeners for helping.
@gossey_lane - 4 Nov
When the rain won't stop, Reception go on a wellie walk!! When the floods have happened, we jump in muddy puddles! Peppa Pig would be proud!#11before11