Trauma Informed Attachment Aware School 

What is TIAAS?

TIAAS is a whole school development programme which is part funded by the Virtual School in Birmingham and delivered by Birmingham Educational Psychology Service. The Virtual School support this programme because current research and policy indicates that it is whole school practice which supports vulnerable pupils to have positive outcomes, not just individual interventions. Birmingham Educational Psychology service supports the programme because in addition to supporting vulnerable pupils, we are aware that relational practice at whole school level supports the development and mental health of all pupils. We believe that it is particularly important given the challenges that children, young people and their families have faced during the pandemic.


Relational practice


This section focuses on defining the terms you can see in this diagram. These are referred to within the TIAAS programme. Relational practice is used as an “umbrella term” and the three terms listed underneath the umbrella are approaches which can be considered to be “relational.” Relational Practice is a way of working which prioritises the development and maintenance of positive relationships which provide connection and belonging.

“There are many ways that a child and young person’s mental health can be nurtured and supported, and evidence increasingly shows that relationships must be prioritised. Good quality relationships are vital for wellbeing, growth and health; especially when a child has experienced adversity or trauma. Education staff are often ‘experts’ in building relationships and have the power to create and foster a culture of warmth, nurture, kindness and positive relationships within their school environments.”

Introducing the TIAAS Principles 

Tiaas principles