We are now trialling delivering the NCETM unit plans and teaching the  Mathematical concepts using the guidance.

Whole class together – we teach mathematics to whole classes and do not label children. Lessons are planned based on formative assessment of what students already know and we include all children in learning mathematical concepts. At the planning stage, teachers consider the scaffolding that may be required for children struggling to grasp concepts in the lesson and challenge ‘depth’ questions for those who may grasp the concepts rapidly. In line with NCETM advice, one form of depth frequently used, during the first part of the lesson, is variation theory (conceptual and procedural). Variation is one of the five ‘big ideas’ at the heart of Teaching for Mastery.
Questions will probe pupil understanding throughout, taking some children’s learning deeper. Responses are expected in full sentences, using precise mathematical vocabulary.
Fluency – there is still a whole school focus on developing an instant recall of key facts, such as number bonds and multiplication facts through the teaching of arithmetic in 1-6 a day and in EYFS and Key Stage 1 Mastering number sessions. Below are some examples of children's learning. 


Reception 3

Year 1

Year 1 1

Year 2

Year 2 2

Year 4

Year 4

Year 5

Year 5

Year 6

Year 6 1