Year 1 – Moving Pictures.  The children learnt how to make a moving picture, using sliders, levers.  They have to be very careful using the split pins and were able to bring scenes from some of their favourite stories to life!

IMG 7200IMG 7216IMG 7213

Year 2 – Cooking is one of Year 2’s favourite pass times!  In cooking club they have had the opportunity to make cupcakes, savoury pastries and spaghetti bolognese!

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Year 3 – Year 3 learnt three different stiches in order to make either a puppet or a pencil case.  Running stiches, half stiches and cross stiches were all practiced and the end results were fantastic!

IMG 2895IMG 2891IMG 2890

Year 5 – Measuring and sawing were the skills needed for Year 5’s project, to make a bug house.  The children were able to use the equipment effectively and safely to measure, cut and join their pieces of wood.

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Year 6 – On DT Skills day, Year 6 explored pulleys, leavers and cams ready to design their own solutions to the problem of how other countries transport goods up and down mountains. 

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